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6. 4. 2006

"I just graduated from high school, and I was working at Blockbuster. Not only did I get into movies while I was there, but I was putting away boxes and looking at the kids on the covers, it felt like windows into these seemingly perfect lives."

"I feel like Hollywood is a big high school again. Seriously, Ashton Kutcher is the prom king."

"I always walked by [the VHS box] on the shelf and thought [of leads Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe], those kids have it made. At the time, I thought the movie was very cool, but it was more their lives that I wanted. And, like everyone, I was in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt."

[About The O.C. - episode 'The Countdown'] "There's a scene me and Ben did where we're locked in the poolhouse and I get claustrophobic. And so this girl closes the door on me in the scene, and I actually got hit by the door and it really hurt. So when you see that scene in an upcoming episode, you should know it's for real."